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     M◓N◒ is an original concept album with words and music by me, Eli LaCroix. The seed of the album and the inspiration for the title is The Hero's Journey otherwise known as the Monomyth, popularized by Joseph Campbell in 1949 with his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

     Campbell breaks the journey into 17 stages, which gives us the 17 tracks for the album. Each song is a meditation and exploration of each stage of Campbell's Monomyth. I also pulled inspiration from several spiritual philosophies and lots of therapy.

     Just as the Monomyth is broken up into three "Acts," the album has its three Acts. Campbell names Act I: Departure, Act II: Initiation, and Act III: Return. This is reflected in songs one through five, six through eleven, and twelve through seventeen respectively.

Demos and more coming soon! Stay tuned!...

Track List

(songs in parentheses are working titles)

     I. Departure

1. Mono

2. Peacock

3. Wind

4. Far

5. Baby

     II. Initiation

6. Lover

7. Everything

8. Alchemy

9. Reason

10. Raw

11. Transcendence

     III. Return

12. Indignation

13. (The magic flight)

14. (Rescue from without)

15. (The crossing of the return threshold)

16. (Master of two worlds)

17. (Freedom to live)

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